AGM 2019


Minutes of the 27th AGM  held at Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club on November 23rd, 2019

Present: representatives of the following boats:  Windwhistle, Duchess, Summertime, Shara of York, Vivacious, Shebeen, Variety, Gancia Girl

  1. Tim Burne started proceedings by formally proposing Catherine Noakes as Chairman, which was unanimously approved.  She then took over.
  2. Apologies:  Matui, Blavinge, Happy Hour, Poppin, Sixpence, Khadine, Balu, Sula, Toby Dee
  3. Minutes of the 26th AGM were circulated and agreed.
  4. Matters Arising:  None
  5. Report by Secretary and Treasurer: Janie reported an enjoyable Winter Dinner at Corinthian with an interesting presentation by Peter Askew.  No clothing had been ordered, but a request was made for polo shirts with embroidery including Royal Dart Yacht Club, 2020.

Action:  Catherine Noakes

Subs were down compared to the big rise in numbers in 2018, but finances remained similar to before.  It was suggested that Janie chase people for subscriptions.

Peter Noakes offered to give a presentation on sailing around the rias of Galicia at a Winter Dinner.

  1. Report by Webmaster:  Sarah Cole has been doing a good job, and was thanked in absentia.
  2. Report by Newsletter Editor: Tim and Liz Clark were thanked for the enjoyable newsletters.  They currently have two articles for another newsletter, and asked for more cruising contributions and were keen to have more ‘Confessionals’.
  3. Chairman’s report: Catherine commented on the very low turnout at the excellent Championships hosted by Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, and the effect this had on everyone being able to find clean wind.  She presented The Pursuit Cup to Ken Morgan and Shebeen, as there had been no opportunity after the race.  It had been appreciated that The White Sail Class had been entered by Alert.

Janie and Catherine had telephoned around to try and recruit more entries for the 2020 Championships in Dartmouth, with limited success.

  1. Election of Officers for 2020: Chris Tyrrell and George Whetman were happy to continue on the Committee.

Catherine had been elected as Chairman.  Janie continues as Secretary/Treasurer, but would be delighted for anyone to take on this role.

  1. It was agreed to keep Subscription Rates at £6 per boat, and £5 for ex-owners.
  2. Arrangements are in place for Royal Dart Yacht Club to host the 2020 Championships over the weekend 22nd – 25th May, with Mark Simpson organising.  Yachts were asked to consider joining in the Plym Yacht Club’s 50th Anniversary Regatta the following weekend, so there could be a Ballad Class (Yacht Haven is offering 50% discount mooring).
  3. 2021 Championships: It was agreed that we would like to sail in Fowey over the normal weekend.
  4. AOB:  
    • It was debated whether White Class entries could be handicapped and sail against spinnaker entries, but it was decided that it would be too difficult, and entries would all start together, but compete for the separate trophies.
    • Everyone that had contributed to Annelise’s sponsorship for her working on the Amazon in Peru was thanked. The prize was won by Mungo Morgan.
  5. Date of future AGM. To be notified.

Janie Smallridge  Hon Sec/Treasurer