AGM 2017


Minutes of the 25th AGM  held at Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club on November 25th, 2017

Present: representatives of the following boats:  Windwhistle, Duchess, Poppin, Summertime, Shara of York, Gancia Girl, Vivacious, Arabesque, Blavinge

  1. Apologies: Matui, Happy Hour, Sixpence, Afrodite, Khadine, Shebeen, Balu, Variety, Kotuku, Sula

2. Minutes of the 24th AGM were circulated and agreed

3. Matters Arising: Geoff and Ros Wheeler were thanked for the donation of the Corinthian White Sail Cup to the Ballad Association for boats wishing to race without spinnakers.

4. Report by Secretary and Treasurer: Janie apologised again for not managing to arrange a Winter Dinner, but Chris and Katie Jackson have agreed to give a talk, with photos, on their three sailing experiences in Thailand in February 2018, and Peter and Cathy Noakes will arrange this at Saltash Sailing Club. Action:  Noakes and Jacksons

Fleeces with the Ballad Logo were ordered and an order for polo shirts is needed, preferably in time for Christmas.  There was also a request for lined fleeces, which will be attended to. Action: Janie

The EU directive on the Data Protection Act comes into force in May and all members must actively give permission for their details to be stored and used for communications. Action: Janie

The reason for the healthy balance in the accounts is because Fowey ran the Championships for a very reasonable fee and wouldn’t take any money for the Championships dinner for their Commodore and his wife who presented the prizes.

5. Report by Webmaster: Mick Pindar has Khadine on the market and is looking for someone to take over the website.  There is too much old content on the site and Tim asked Janie to identify it and get it removed. Action:  Janie

6. Report by Newsletter Editor: Ken Morgan, who is suffering from a bad cold, has asked for someone to take over as he is not finding the time to produce a newsletter.  Liz Clark volunteered herself and Tim.  Ken will be asked to forward material which he has so that they can produce a newsletter. Action:  Janie, Ken and Clarks

7. Chairman’s Report: Tim Burne commented on a very enjoyable Championships run by Port of Fowey Race Organising Committee.  Poppin only came second to Mavanier (Peter Noakes) on countback, where any of 5 boats could have won overall depending on the results of the lottery of a final race!  There were no entries to the White Sail Class.

8. Election of Officers for 2018: Chris Tyrrell and George Whetman were happy to continue on the Committee.  After standing on the Committee since its inception with many years as Secretary and Treasurer, Cathy Noakes is standing down.  Suggestions for a replacement were made.

Tim Burne continues as Chairman and Janie continues as Secretary/Treasurer, but would be happy for anyone to take on this role.

9. It was agreed to keep Subscription Rates at £6 per boat, and £5 for ex-owners.

10. Arrangements are in place for Yealm Yacht Club to host the 2018 Championships over the weekend 27th – 29th May. Action:  Tim/Janie/Martin

11. 2019 Championships: It was agreed that Royal Cornwall Yacht Club (Falmouth) will host the Championships.

12 AOB:  

  • Port of Plymouth Regatta:  Cathy asked whether we could raise a Ballad Class for the Plymouth Yacht Regatta, 13th-15th July 2018. Action:  Janie
  • Cross-Channel Race:  Tim Clark and Michael Bagley wished for a Ballad cross-channel race, rather than ’round the cans’.  They will investigate the possibility of a group joining the Yealm Yacht Club Trebeurden Race. Action:  Tim and Michael

13. Date of Future AGM – To be notified.

Janie Smallridge  Hon Sec/Treasurer