AGM 2022

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Minutes of the 29th AGM held by Zoom on November 11th, 2022

Present: representatives of the following boats: Duchess, Summertime, Shara of York, Vivacious, Shebeen, Blavinge, Balu, Variety and Katie and Chris Jackson and Tim Burne (President)

  1. Apologies: Windwhistle, Happy Hour, Poppin, Khadine, Vectris, Cracklin Rosie, Gallivanter, Gancia Girl, Portia
  2. Minutes of the 28th AGM were agreed, proposed by Peter Noakes, seconded by Tim Clark.
  3. Matters Arising: None
  4. Report by Secretary and Treasurer: The healthy balance of £1,050ish, where the account had stood for many years, had been very useful for purchasing the battle flags (with 50 years on the Ballad logo) which were given to all the boats present for the 2022 50th Anniversary Championships. The Committee had also agreed to pay an excellent photographer £250 to take photos of the event. As a result the balance is now £303.64.
  5. Report by Webmaster: Peter and Sarah were thanked for maintaining the website, which Sarah hosts for us and doesn’t charge.
  6. Report by Newsletter Editor: Tim Clark apologised for having been very busy with his RNVR Chairman’s duties and so the only newsletter had been delayed. He asked for any interesting cruising or work carried out on our Ballads to be submitted for the next newsletter.
  7. Chairman’s report: Catherine reported how wonderful it had been after all the Covid years to have so many sailing (11 boats) and non-sailing Ballad enthusiasts joining in the 50th Anniversary Championships in Fowey. A big thank you to Royal Fowey and Fowey Gallants for organising and hosting such an enjoyable event. The mementos given out by the Clubs to all competitors was a snood with Ballads on, and there were a few spares which were sold for £4 each.

It was suggested that the beautiful photographs taken by Paul Gibbons would make an excellent Christmas present. It was also hoped that all the Ballad owners who attended the 2022 Championships will join in the 2023 Championships. A WhatsApp group was set up to help with coordinating the racing – if anyone wishes to be added, please contact Catherine.

  1. Election of Officers for 2022: Chris Tyrrell and Ken Morgan agreed to remain on the Committee, where all meetings had been held on Zoom. Catherine was willing to continue as Chairman and Janie as Secretary/Treasurer. Proposed by Peter Askew, seconded by Tim Burne.
  2. It was agreed to raise the Subscription Rates to £10 per boat, and £8 for ex-owners, in order to replenish the coffers. Proposed by Tim Clark, seconded by Dick Brown. An email should also go out to suggest that members could make a donation of £10 or more so that there will be more in the account for the future. Action: Janie
  3. The Provisional Programme for the 2023 Championships over four days Fri 26th – Mon 29th May (Whitsun Bank Holiday) will have the normal Skippers Briefing at Plym Yacht Club, with a sailing supper, on Friday evening, four races over Saturday/Sunday and the Pursuit Race on the Monday. Plymouth Yacht Haven will berth the boats, possibly rafted up, with a 20% discount if there are at least 6 boats. Plym Yacht Club have a Race Officer organised and will be able to provide some sort of a meal on Saturday evening (no chef at present). The Bridge at Yacht Haven are booked for the whole of their upstairs room for Prize Giving dinner on the Sunday evening.

Since it is a Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of half term, it is suggested that accommodation is booked as early as possible. Any suggestions on how to encourage more social entries for the 2023 Championships would be welcomed.

  1. 2024 Championships: Janie will send out a questionnaire asking whether members would prefer the normal Whitsun May Bank Holiday weekend, the second weekend in June like this year, which should be less expensive since it isn’t half term, or the second weekend in September when schools have re-started. There would also be a poll on whether they should be in:

Cardiff: Peter Askew gave an impassioned plea for the largest enclosed lake with tidal racing in the estuary, an enormous Club House and marina and a very friendly group of sailors.

Poole: Ken Morgan gave a similar plea for the wonderful racing in Poole Harbour with excellent marina facilities, where we could be given our own start in the Whitsun Regatta.

Falmouth: In the normal cycle of locations, it is Falmouth’s turn. Action: Janie

  1. AOB: Dick Brown encouraged Ballads to participate in the annual Eddystone Lighthouse Charity Sail, where Balu has raised in excess of £10,000 over the years. This usually takes place on a Saturday in mid-June with an event in the Aquarium afterwards.

Ken Morgan encouraged Ballads to participate in the Channel Classics in 2024, as Shebeen had thoroughly enjoyed themselves this year.

Ken was persuaded to give a talk at a winter dinner in February on the Channel Classics and other events that he had participated in this year. Action: Janie

A cruise/race to the Isles of Scilly, followed by a few days staying there was suggested. Also a cruise to the Channel Islands. If anyone has any suggestions for group events please contact Janie.

Since Richard Greenacre was not present at the Prize giving Dinner in Fowey, and was not present at the AGM, the Corinthian White Sail Trophy was given to Tim Burne, as President, to pass on to Richard.

  1. Date of future AGM. To be notified.

Janie Smallridge Hon Sec/Treasurer