2. Minutes of the 19th AGM  held at The Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club on November 25th, 2011

Present: representatives of the following boats:  Matui, Windwhistle,  Duchess,  Shara of York, Kotuku, Poppin, Shebeen, Sool-ai-Mon, Flute, Khadine

  1. Apologies: Shanty, Schonbrunn, Svalen, Sixpence, Summertime, Toby Dee, Afrodite, Arabesque, Variety, Balu, Mogil Maid, Harlequin, Vivacious,  Happy Hour
  2. Minutes of the 18th AGM were circulated and amended to say that Mylar is the same price as Kevlar and that Shebeen does not yet have Kevlar sails.
  3. Under Matters Arising, the attempt to convene a Committee Meeting to discuss changing the Ballad One Design Association rules on sail material had not been successful.  However, we will try and hold a meeting this year, where any decisions can be ratified at the next AGM, ie status quo for the next Championships.
  4. Report by Secretary and Treasurer: The accounts for the year were presented. The final balance of £1,559.46 with an overall profit of £1.00.  Membership was up from 17 to 21 paid up members.

It was agreed to hold the Winter Dinner in March, since the prospective speaker, Chris Strong, owner of Schönbrunn and living in Scotland, would only be in Plymouth in March.

Clothing for the next Championships should be gilets/bodywarmers.

  1. Publicity: Barry Quest was planning to be present, but apologised on the day, having hurt his back.  He would always like more material for his newsletters.  Mick Pindar has set up a UK Ballad website, www.ukballadassociation.org which will be added to.
  2. Chairman’s report: Mike Luker thanked St Mawes Sailing Club and Neil Andrew, the Race Officer for running a very successful Championships.  Normal Ballad weather saw some excellent racing in Falmouth Bay, some superb social activities, an interesting Pursuit Race to Helford River, and was only marred by the collision of two masts with resulting dismasting and damage.  He mentioned how entertaining Neil Andrew's radio conversation with Mylar Yacht Club had been for all of us.

He thanked Mick Pindar for all his hard work on the website and Barry Quest for his excellent newsletter.

  1. Election of Officers for 2012: Paul Dixon is planning to put Kotuku on the market so we will be looking for another Committee Member to replace him.  He will ask Alan Harris or Brian Runnals whether they would be willing, to keep the Fowey contingent represented.  Paul was thanked for all his hard work over the years and will be much missed.

Mike Luker, Janie Smallridge, Cathy Noakes and Chris Tyrrell were all happy to continue on the Committee.

  1. It was agreed to alter Subscription Rates so that they were all £6 per boat, regardless of how many owners there were.
  2. Arrangements are in place to hold the 2012 Championships at Saltash Sailing Club in the Tamar River over the weekend 26th - 28th May.  Although this is not the Bank Holiday weekend, which is shifted to the first weekend in June for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it was the 2:1 choice of members replying to the question.  It will follow the normal format with racing in Plymouth Sound and the Pursuit Race to Cawsand Sailing Club. Neil Dunkley from Saltash Sailing Club has agreed to be the Race Officer.  Cathy Noakes will progress the arrangements with Neil Trathen, the Sailing Secretary at Saltash Sailing Club.

Chinafleet Club offers reasonable rates for crew wishing to stay in Saltash and Saltash Tourist Information can provide details of Bed and Breakfasts.  Some moorings are available at Saltash Sailing Club.

  1. 2013 Championships: These are due to be hosted in Fowey and Janie will write a formal letter to Royal Fowey Yacht Club.
  2. AOB:  Alan Harris has taken over Balladier from his father, Bob, and has also taken over the sail loft, Sail Shape Ltd, make new sails specifically for Ballads and stepping new Selden rigs.
  3. Date of future AGM. To be notified.

Janie Smallridge  Hon Sec/Treasurer


Even more of the other members who attended the AGM and preceding dinner

Some more of the other members who attended the AGM and preceding dinner

Some of members who attended the AGM and preceding dinner