If you have already paid your 2017/18 subscription, thank you.

If not it would be greatly appreciated if it could be paid immediately. The rates (agreed at the AGM) are £6 per boat.  There is also a  category for past owners of Ballads who wish to remain in touch with the group, at £5.

If you no longer own a Ballad or do not wish to continue to receive these mailings please could you also advise Janie either by email (janiesmallridge@tiscali.co.uk) or by posting this form.  If you have the details of the new owners of your Ballad, it would be appreciated if these could be made known.

Please make cheques  out to the UK Ballad Association and send (with this form) to Janie Smallridge at the address below:

The Willows

Ludwell Lane




If Janie already has your details you can subscribe online to sort code :- 30-97-28  A/c No :- 00643554  using your boat name as the reference.

( If you don’t want to give your mobile number just put two 0’s in the appropriate box)

Membership contact us