Minutes of the 20th AGM  held at The Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club on November 30th, 2012

Present: representatives of the following boats:  Matui, Windwhistle, Duchess, Poppin, Shebeen, Sool-ai-Mon, Sixpence, Summertime, Balladeer,  Khadine, Happy Hour

Apologies: Shanty, Schonbrunn, Svalen, Arabesque, Toby Dee, Afrodite, Arabesque, Variety, Balu, Mogil Maid, Harlequin, Vivacious, Kotuku, Shara of York, Flute

Minutes of the 19th AGM were circulated and proposed by Caroline and seconded by Tim Burne.

Under Matters Arising, the decisions taken at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 24th May, 2012, in line with other Ballad Associations, were reported:

Furling genoas can be changed during a race

Mainsails can be loose footed

Restrictions on sailcloth for Championship racing have been removed

Also Barry Quest is unable to continue as Newsletter Editor because of other commitments.

Report by Secretary and Treasurer: The accounts could not be presented, but have subsequently been completed, with an overall loss of £24.49 over the year.

It was agreed to hold the Winter Dinner in February, with Peter Askew talking about his experiences of bringing Blavinge back from Sweden.

It was planned to not offer any clothing at the Championships, but to investigate a bulk purchase of battle flags.

Publicity:  Mick Pindar was allocated £39.99 for the payment for having the website hosted for the year.  He has done a good job of keeping the website going and taking all the emails from the other Ballad Associations, and reported 1200 hits this year.

 Ken Morgan was persuaded to take on the Newsletter Editor job and will be sending out a winter newsletter.

Chairman’s report: Mike Luker thanked Saltash Sailing Club for running a very successful Championships.  Three races were held on Saturday in winds recording 48 knot gusts, but Sunday racing was abandoned when Matui were in the lead!  Tamar River Sailing Club hosted a brilliant hog roast evening on the Saturday evening.  Saltash Sailing Club hosted an excellent Prizegiving Dinner and there was an enjoyable lunch at The Bridge, Plymouth Yacht Haven, after the Pursuit Race.

 It was hoped that there would be a more successful linking up of Ballads wishing to cruise in company this summer.

Election of Officers for 2012: Mike Luker, Janie Smallridge, Cathy Noakes, Alan Harris and Chris Tyrrell were all happy to continue on the Committee, but Mike announced that this would be his last year.

It was agreed to keep Subscription Rates at £6 per boat, and £5 for ex-owners.

Arrangements are in place to hold the 2013 Championships at Royal Fowey Yacht Club in the Tamar River over the weekend 24th - 27th May.  Alan Harris is making all the arrangements and Neil Andrew has agreed to be the Race Officer.  

2014 Championships: First choice was agreed as Dartmouth and Janie will write a formal letter to Royal Dart Yacht Club.


a) Alan Harris (Sail Shape Ltd) talked about sails he could provide for Ballads:

£1,700 for a Kevlar No 1.

£1,200 for a Dacron No 1.

 Shebeen stated that she has a furling genoa for the first time.

b) There was unanimous agreement that UK Ballads are not required to compensate for any difference in weight in their engines from the original Volvo engines.

c) Cathy Noakes had offered to set up a database of all the cup winners, venues and participants at all the Championships.

Date of future AGM. To be notified.

Janie Smallridge  Hon Sec/Treasurer